The Jicarilla Oil and Gas Administration (JOGA) shall serve its regulatory mandate as outlined by JANC Title 18 - Oil and Gas for the purpose of maximizing the benefit of the Nation's resources while protecting its environmental and cultural resources.


Revised Constitition of the Jicarilla Apache Nation (as amended) and JANC Title 18 - Oil and Gas.


The JOGA aims to establish legal and administrative capacity for the Jicarilla Apache Nation to exercise its inherent regulatory authority to the fullest extent.

Enforcement:  The JOGA's enforcement programs ensure operator compliance when conducting oil and gas activities on the Nation.  Information regarding the Nation's Compliance & Enforcement Program can be found in JANC Title 18 - Oil and Gas.

Forms:  The JOGA has established official forms that operators and others are required to use when conducting oil and gas activities on the Nation.
Operator Guidance:  The JOGA provides detailed and timely guidance to operators with regards to the rules, regulations, policies, and relevant forms currently in effect.
Policies:  The JOGA establishes policies that provide detailed guidelines and clarity within the rules and regulatory framework.