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The Oil and Gas Administration serves in multiple contexts, including the organizational framework where Oil and Gas Administration is one of multiple players and works closely with its Federal and State partners within the context of Tribal regulations and energy development policies. Also, it is important to set the context in a geographic or physical sense with respect to the role of Oil and Gas Administration and the Nation in the San Juan Basin, as well as the current setting of those companies and leaseholders who are operators within the Reservation setting.


Revised Constitution of the Jicarilla Apache Nation (as amended through January 2000) and the Jicarilla Aapche Nation Code (JANC) Title 18, Oil and Gas.

Jicarilla Apache Code Regulatory Code

To provide a basis and capacity for compliance with regulations and rules that are included in both Tribal code and federal statues and regulations.

Jicarilla Oil and Gas Administration Mission

The Jicarilla Oil and Gas Administration is responsible for the diligent development of the Jicarilla Apache Nation's oil and gas resources. This includes the leasing process, Jicarilla OGA operating permits, assuring prudent drilling and compliance and inspection for lands under production.

Internal Organizational Structure

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Geologic Engineering