About Us

The Jicarilla Oil and Gas Administration is one of the Nation's natural resource departments and is the principle oil and gas regulatory authority under Jicarilla Apache Nation Code Title 18 - Oil and Gas. The Department regulates the private oil and gas sector as well as tribally chartered entities and corporations operating on the Jicarilla Apache Nation reservation.  The Department provides legal support, administrative services, business development leadership, land services, Operating Permits, regulatory enforcement through both the Nation's Compliance & Enforcement and Bureau of Land Management's Inspection and Enforcement programs, Geologic support, and is the hub for intergovernmental and interagency relations.

Our Mission

The Jicarilla Oil and Gas Administration is committed to the responsible regulation and development of the Nation's minerals, while protecting the Nation's cultural and environmental resources.


Our Values

  • Create sustainable economic returns
  • Reinforce soverignty in managing oil and gas resources
  • Protect the rights of outside parties
  • Maintain a safe and clean operating environment